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Rug Mounting
A Velcro system similar to what textile museums use to display their carpets is utilized. By using a finer stitch, a wide soft Velcro is attached unseen through the structure of the carpet. This is mated to rough wide Velcro securely mounted to a molding which attaches to the wall. Most importantly the carpet hangs smoothly along the top and can be altered slightly to appear proper to the eye. Given the imperfect shape of hand knotted carpets this is very helpful in creating a proper wall mount. This technique also allows for the rug to be more easily removed for vacuuming and re-attachment. Channels or loops to accept rods can be sewn on if preferred.
We wash all of our rugs in plant with a safe wet wash technique. Dyes are pre-checked for stability and a gentle oriental rug shampoo is used to clean. The rugs are fully rinsed and then force air dried overnight. Fringes are hand cleaned; additional spot work is performed, including removal of wax, paint, etc. Carpets are hand vacuumed front and back. Items are inspected for picks and loose tufts which are then trimmed; fringes are trimmed evenly if required. Carpets are then heavy poly bagged for delivery.
Custom Jobs

This section addreses a host of unique situations that arise over the decades such as;