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Includes evaluation to assess condition for insurance claims in combination with appraisal; stating origin, quality, materials and replacement value in the current Canadian market.  All work is fully backed and kept securely available on file. All liaison and followup as required is provided. Clients are provided with a secure email PDF format of the appraisal which is printable. Two photo quality hard copies are provided in a labelled folder for clients collection appraisal. These are available upon request for commercial and trade clients.



Re-weaving can range from a small dog chew on the side of a rug where a few warps, wefts and re-knotting are required, to larger areas that require exacting structural work. Like kind and quality of materials and hand knotting are used to match the original carpet. Everything is then hammered, brushed trimmed and ironed in the finishing process to restore the appearance of the original carpet.

Fringe and Selvage Repair

Fringes and sides ( selvages ) are the most commonly repaired areas. Repairs run from singular areas of attention to complete replacement or re-construction. Generally the carpet is looked at carefully and the options are laid out for the client to make an informed choice.

Dye work

Occasionally it is possible  to rectify damage with careful dye work. Not all carpets can accept this so it is important to both see the rug and to first test the process at no charge. If small warp and weft knots cannot be removed or pushed back into the rugs structure we can 'tip dye' the cotton to match the surrounding wool. Permanent and heat set silk and wool dyes are used in this very effective process.



We work with all major insurance company adjusters, restoration firm estimators and directly with the public to bring your valued rug back to it's original beauty.

Rug care includes collaborating with the most reputable cleaning firm in the city to provide safe wet washing  techniques and performing detailed post cleaning inspections to guarantee satisfaction.

Custom work

Custom work can also be provided from mounting a rug on a wall using a variety of systems to protect both your wall and rug; to resizing large carpets to fit into smaller spaces. Patch grafting is also an option to repair a damaged rug without the time and expense of re-weaving.


Fringe and Selvage Repair



Custom Work

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